Calligraphy!!!!! What????!!!!!


So I started trying to learn calligraphy and to say it is hard is an understatement. In this box set they stated it would be better to practice on no line paper. Well you will see my paper soon and it looks crazy to me.  How ever I am a visual learner and enjoy the pictures that are in the book. I am using a M nib pen and I find I don’t like it because it makes the line thick and I don’t feel like I have control.


The other thing is, it says to keep going till you feel comfortable… flash I never done this before so none of it feels comfortable!!!!!! But I keep going until I feel good about it. So let’s just say this ride shall be interesting. I will be practicing this for ever it seems, but I really want better handwriting especially for writing messages on gifts or cards. I started on the next section within the book and well see below.

SAM_0017 SAM_0018

As you can see I go from small to big and back to small…’s very interesting to say the least…… Well I have to get back to adding my next video to you tube. I will chat with you guys next time, and have a great weekend. To all you crafters enjoy World card making day!!!!!!

P.S. check out Kristina Werner she does wonderful brush lettering: