Ribbon Storage Ideas

Today I posted a video about how I have decided to store my Ribbon, lace, and twine. I will provide a link to the video below  on my youtube channel. I got the idea from my friend Beatriz Santana who has been doing her ribbon this way and was kind to share  it with me one day, while we were hanging out on google. It is always frustrating  when you have stuff and you have tried to store it but it just isn’t working. I have tried the ribbon on spools and special ribbon displays and it just wasn’t working and I wasn’t happy with any of it.



The above picture is the chopping mat that I found at the dollar tree. My dollar tree only had the clear but some have them with color. So I cut them down to 3″ x 51/4″.SAM_0040On this one I am showing it with 2 laces but you can added up to 5 depending on the width of the ribbon or lace.SAM_0042 Here is a picture of one of the bins I currently have it in. I can’t say it will stay this way forever but right now this is working and I really love how I can see everything in a glance. So plastic and pink container  were bought at the dollar tree……if you decided to store yours this way share some pictures with me just post here in the comments.